Photo taken on my 29th birthday, the first time I really sat down and read my own copy of Heal-GPT (Slowed + Reverb)

For years, I've been telling my partner and best friend about how much I loved your white bean chili. Apparently, I didn't describe it very well.

Today, I learned that they've gone all these years thinking it was a tomato-based chili with white beans instead of black beans. They imagined it with minced meat. Their whole concept off your famous dish was off.

I laughed so hard. "Not that kind of chili! It was white. It was like a broth except it wasn't clear. And it didn't have meat."

"What you are describing is a soup. A bean soup."

And I could not stop laughing at this realization. The words "chili" and "soup" aren't actually interchangeable.

I've never heard of:

cream of mushroom chili

cream of chicken chili

chicken noodle chili

tomato chili

Every new rendition of what isn't and never should be sent us into greater fits of laughter.

Not too long before that, I was crying because I missed you.

Thinking of you and your family and sending love.

Tell your loved ones they're your loved ones. It's never too late.

Birth, Death, and Chicken Noodle Chili